Family Tree Template Explainer


Once you have selected any of the 270 Templates including, Family Tree Templates and interactive Letter Template, registered and checked out, the Templates will automatically appear on the  Dashboard on your computer, as part of the download.

From the Dashboard, simply hoover of the thumbnail title and click to select – then click again.

The Template will open up in the User Interface Canvas, there simply follow the instructions shown on the image above.

To make other page or text changes, see how to manage the tool Bar Tutorial, and watch the video how it works, it’s all very simple to use.

Simply click save and the Template will be added to your completed work library. Note; you can always go back and modify or change the information in any Template, at any time.

This information and more is available to watch on the Watch It Work video tutorial

Please enjoy recording your history here with us.

Typical Template Series Explainer