its not about us – its about you
Enriched was a name we came across in a timely fashion, whilst we were in deep thought about what we really wanted to do, how we wanted to do it and who we wanted to do it for. So many times the word would appear, describing how people and organisations were trying to create better life experiences for many. This was our goal, to create something simple that would put some zing back into our lives.
Writing has for many years has been something I have enjoyed, though I struggled with many aspects of English grammar. My dad and son had the same problems, it would seem for many of us, there is some sort of a struggle, whether it be spelling or phrasing or some other issue.
A decision was made to change this for as many people as we could. The outcome has us very pleased with our efforts. Its a shame my son and dad didn’t get to witness it, and or use it.
What you see here is many years of planning and hard work, learning and finding out what you want and need. We hope to help dementia sufferers, and people with low literacy reading skills, as well as just bringing a smile to your face, when you make your first page.

I will make this pledge on behalf of Enriched, if there is a Theme or Template we have missed we will make you that Template.

If you would like to make a suggestion, we want to hear about it, if it fits with what we are doing we will proudly use it.

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